10 B2B Lead Generation Strategies to Use in 2020

Creating a powerful lead generation campaign is essential in 2020. Which strategies should you use? Here are 10 B2B lead generation strategies for 2020.

What if your business was losing out on countless leads and you didn’t know it?

How many leads you generate all comes down to your lead strategy. And a solid strategy for B2B lead generation can make all the difference for businesses of any size.

Wondering how to increase your leads and revenue growth in 2020? These 10 strategies will show you the way!

1. A/B Testing

When it comes to a lead strategy, you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you may just need to master the basics. And A/B testing is part of this.

Ideally, you should use A/B testing tools to test out things like the location of your lead-generating forms. The numbers will tell you the whole story and allow you to choose an optimal location.

With constant A/B testing, your lead generation will only improve from month to month.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing should be key to any lead generation campaign. Why? Simple — good content marketing helps motivate people who are otherwise “on the fence.”

Most B2B customers aren’t in any rush to make a purchase. Instead, they want to do their homework and read more about a company and its products.

Content marketing helps to answer their questions and concerns and motivate a purchasing decision. And as an added bonus, content marketing can also boost your SEO. 

3. Microsites

Most businesses treat their websites like one big octopus. The front page is the “body” and all of the related sites are like outstretched tentacles.

You can improve lead generation by rethinking your website strategy. Instead of having dozens of “tentacles,” consider creating microsites.

Microsites focus on specific products and niches and should ideally have their own URL. Such sites allow you to focus on very specific verticals while boosting your SEO with longtail keywords.

Ultimately, microsites provide a kind of online diversification that helps more customers discover what you are selling.

4. Optimize for Mobile

You might have the most beautiful-looking website when someone views it via a computer. But how well does it look and run on a smartphone?

The majority of audiences are now browsing the internet via mobile devices instead of desktop PCs. That’s why Google forces businesses to optimize for mobile if they want to appear higher in user search results.

Make sure all of your sites and microsites are mobile-friendly. In particular, make sure that lead generation forms work well via smartphone. Anything you can do to optimize the user experience will help you generate more leads.

5. Focus On LinkedIn

LinkedIn may have seemed like a fad when it first hit the scene. Now, however, it has become the cornerstone of many lead generation strategies.

This is because the site merges many of the conveniences of social media with the necessities of professional networking. And there are many ways you can make this service work for you.

For example, a good LinkedIn campaign can target the audiences who are most interested in your business and products. And LinkedIn offers an online Campaign Manager and other features that make marketing via this platform easy and intuitive.

6. Embrace Video

Online video has become more than just an entertaining distraction. Put simply, it is a way of life for very many people.

Accordingly, your business can use video to reach customers via their preferred form of media. You can provide videos of everything from customer testimonials to demonstrations of how to use your products.

Getting into video is relatively low-cost now. A good smartphone and the right apps help you record and edit video on the go. All you need is some good lighting and charismatic actors and you’re good to go!

7. Master Google Analytics

Does finding the right keywords feel more like guesswork than science? In that case, it’s time for you to really master Google Analytics.

Google’s little tool allows you to discover the kinds of searches that are actually bringing customers to your site. For example, you may be surprised at the kinds of long-tail keywords that not only bring customers in but lead to conversion.

With time, you can discover plenty of otherwise hidden keywords. And this includes the keywords your competition is using (more on that in a minute).

8. Use Google Ads

Analytics isn’t the only trick in the Google toolbox. It’s also vital for you to master the use of Google Ads.

Out of the box, Google Ads is already a powerful tool for creating ads and targeting very specific audiences. However, one of the greatest strengths of this tool is that it lets you embrace remarketing.

With remarketing, you can specifically target those who have previously visited your sites. This lets you lure them back and convert them. In short, remarketing should be at the heart of any lead generation strategy.

9. Comment Marketing

There’s an old rule of thumb with the internet: “don’t read the comments.” However, the truth is that plenty of people do, in fact, read the comments.

You can use this to your advantage with comment marketing. This is exactly what it sounds like — strategically leaving comments on articles, social media pages, Youtube videos, and so on.

A subtle approach to online commenting helps you shape the narrative around your business and your products. And it can help sway reluctant visitors to try your products out.

10. Competitor Keywords

Want to know the keys to your competitors’ success? You can actually use Google Analytics and other online tools to discover the keywords they are using. Furthermore, you can uncover the backlinks that your competitors rely on.

Once you have this info, the sky is the limit. You can reverse engineer certain keywords to work for you, and you can do some outreach on those backlinks.

When the smoke clears, your SEO and lead conversions will see a significant bump!

B2B Lead Generation: 2020 Vision

Now you know some of the best B2B lead generation strategies. But do you know which company can turn these strategies and more into a winning campaign?

We specialize in helping move companies into the future by optimizing the customer journey. To see how we can move you into 2020 and beyond, contact us today!